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Are you tired of being invisible on Google?

How would you like to know the secrets behind a website that gets over 450,000 unique monthly visitors, without spending a dime. How would you like to stop being ignored on search engines, and start getting noticed?

Have you spent backpacks filled with money on agencies who let you down? Does SEO sound like a foreign language?

Wouldn't it be nice to have the world notice the great content you produce?

The SEO Book of Secrets

I've put together an 11 year compilation of every secret, tip, and trick I've used to grow the MathCelebrity website to 3.5 million visitors in 2017.

Let's review the chapters of this 190 page guide. We'll start with the Introduction, where I reveal:

  • 3 SEO insolent impostors who derail your success
  • Why impatience is a virtue for organic website traffic

Then we'll begin in Chapter 1 - SEO Mindset and Approach, where'll I reveal:

  • Actor James Caan's secret to success, and how this helps your website traffic (page 13)
  • Revealed: The brainstorming session I created to laser target my audience (page 14)
  • How not caring about SEO improves your SEO - the counterintuitive strategy mindset to use (Page 16)
  • What I learned from tracking down deadbeat debtors - and how it helped grow my website traffic (Page 18)
  • Call these 10 people - and figure out an instant traffic boost for your website (Page 19)
  • Discover the Japanese principle, practiced daily, to help you improve 3,640.93% over the course of a year (Page 20)
  • How to use Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger's thought process, responsible for billions, to grow your website traffic (Page 22)
  • Meet your new employee who costs nothing, and have them improve your website while you sleep (Page 25)

Once you get your head right, we'll help you master free traffic building using...

Offsite SEO

Discover each tactic I use outside my website to get visitors pouring back to my website. Tactics such as:

  • The one formula I use, V + WIIFM, and how I melt resistance for backlinks (Page 31)
  • Spend 30 seconds on this website leaving a review, and watch your traffic increase (Page 35)
  • What websites you target for guest blogging (Page 36)
  • The find and fix principle - find other people's website mistakes, and have them reward you with a link (Page 37)
  • The 2 step process I use to go whale hunting for high-impact backlinks (Page 40)
  • Help people on these websites, and get rewarded with free traffic and follows (Page 41)
  • Become the Eye of Sauron, be seen in all places and imprint your name on people's minds (Page 43)

After your master offsite techniques, you'll learn how to tune your website up to be the digital version of a Ferrari.

Page Speed

  • Why you lose 47% of your visitors if your website takes longer than this amount of time to load
  • 2 speed scores you must meet for Google (Page 49)
  • Watch this 2 minute video on YouTube to learn how to shrink your webpage files (Page 51)
  • 4 lines of code you can steal to make your website faster (Page 53)
  • Learn this one secret from multi-million dollar trading companies to increase your SEO rank (Page 56)
  • Get faster while you sleep - learn about the automated program that makes your website faster, while you are cozy under the covers (Page 65)

You've ventured off site, and you've made your webpage blazing fast. Now it's time to return to your website, and learn the on-page tactics to magnetize free traffic.

On-Page SEO

We begin with a book salesman who sold 100,000,000 books. On page 68:

  • Change a few words in this tag on your website to dramatically impact your rankings

Next, discover how to keep people on your website longer by mastering...


  • What this hundred million dollar per year Baltimore company who sells boring products can tell you about readability (Page 72)
  • Steal this 1975 Navy research project to help users glide over your words, and come back to your website for more (Also on page 72)
  • Use the breath test to see whether your content "turns off" users (Page 75)
  • How a 1950's murder mystery helps you clarify your content (Page 77)

Findability - Never make users get lost again

  • Visitors abandoning your website? Fix the problem with this 10 second eye test on Page 79
  • Make your content easy to find with a card game and some friends (Page 82)

Get Inside Your Visitors Head

  • Find out what your visitors really want by mastering 3 searches (Page 83)
  • Use this free, digital looking glass technology to avoid user boredom (Page 86)

Keyword Dominance

  • Use the Death by 1,000 Cuts strategy to beat competitors with deeper pockets (Page 87)

Digital Mind Reading

  • Read your customers mind and have them TELL you what they want you to put on your website (Page 91)
  • Stumped for content? Get 30 new ideas in 30 days by speaking your customers language (Page 95)
  • Snatch free traffic secrets right off Amazon (Page 99)


  • Make Google love your images using this 5 step formula (Page 103)

The Universal Language Tool

French Soldiers discovered a mysterious stone in 1799. Learn how to create and automate the digital version of this stone on page 104.

Page 106, give your website ears, and have it tell Google automatically about updates.

The Digital Spider

No, it's not a bug problem. But spiders visit your website from time to time. Learn how to make use them for better rank:

  • Earn more "Google Money" - the digital currency spiders need before visiting your website (Page 108)
  • Hire a digital bouncer to keep unwanted pests from visiting your website (Page 109)

Have Others Build Your Website For Free

  • 5 ways to get your users to expand your website beyond your wildest dreams (Page 110)
  • Meet the one type of visitor who users love, even more than you (Page 112)

Trend Hopping

  • What a guy worth 13 billion can teach you about increasing traffic (Paage 114)
  • 3 types of trends to ride guaranteed to get you more website traffic (Page 116)
  • How a lying nightclub bouncer taught me about free traffic (Page 117)
  • How this one accident brought me a hundreds of new daily visitors (Page 122)

The Power of Unique

  • Why the inspiration for the show Mad Men makes you stand out from the crowd (Page 123)
  • How to digitally brag, and get more traffic from it (Page 124)

Toolbox Tricks

  • How to do more with less, use this law on (Page 128)
  • Use this tool to avoid stupidity (Page 133)
  • What a 1916 sales book can teach you about keeping people glued to your website (Page 137)

It gets better, did you know you can ethically spy on Google? Learn how on Page 142.

Next, we'll show you how to make your website shine, on Google's stage, when we discuss the...

Search Engine Results Page

  • How I made another website promote me on page 1 of Google (Page 145)
  • Learn how to defy math and turn 100 = 4,950 website visitors (Page 147)

The Animal Kingdom Secrets

  • How peacock mating strategies help you grow website traffic (Page 148)
  • Hansel and Gretel's secret to help users discover your content (Page 149)

Sometime's, all you need to do is beat your opponent by a tiny amount to make large gains in free traffic. It's time to learn about the...

Slight Edge Principal

  • How important are small changes for your website? Check out page 155 for the $1.24 million lesson in "winner take all"
  • When Google acts like a protective mother, and how to use it to gain search engine rank (Page 156)
  • The Synonym Secret - How changing one word on your page may skyrocket your traffic
  • Stop bleeding traffic on Page 159 using the Pogostick Patent

If you own a local business, check out Page 151 for the six things to tell Google to make your local business stand out on search engines. You'll also learn:

Local SEO

  • Learn how to dominate your local search on Google using a secret buried in Greece (Page 162)
  • 3 places you must be listed on to have local customers find you (Page 164)

Now, what about Social Media. What can you do to use Social Media to boost your website traffic?

Social Media

  • Use the 2-for-1 principle to get a like and social media follow on one screen (See Page 168)
  • Desktop and Mobile phone shares are the same, right? Wrong. Read page 169 to get more mobile shares by making this one change

SEO Metrics

What gets tracked gets improved. Learn and improve statistics like bounce rate to attract more free traffic. You'll discover:

  • How would you feel if you lost $3,600,000? Learn how to avoid this mobile mistake (Page 172)
  • These 3 things keep visitors from clicking to your website (Page 173)
  • Use these free tools on Page 176 to help you constantly improve your website traffic

How to Avoid Stupid Mistakes

I kept a list of mistakes over the years. These mistakes cost me thousands of free traffic visitors, and sometimes, months to repair the damage. I list them all out for you, so you can avoid the painful experience.

  • Eliminate these words from your digital vocabulary. Google ignores them, and so should you (Page 177)
  • One mistake cost me 40% of my traffic, and it took a year to repair. Avoid it like the plague by reading page 179
  • Read page 181, and fix these four errors to sidestep a Google Slap
  • Scientist Stephen Hawking said we are all connected. Use this principle on Page 183 for your website pages. This "connection" principle helps you sidestep Google penalties


Go to page 188 to learn the important SEO terms in 5 minutes

To learn the secrets behind a website that got 3.5 million unique visitors in 2017, click the link below to pick up the book.

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